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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a relationship in which a trained professional supports, guides and partners with individuals or businesses in a thought-provoking process that inspires them to optimise their potential. In today’s complex and uncertain environment, coaching can help people discover the source within themselves, deepening and enriching their own lives and, by extension, society as a whole. 

Why use my Coaching techniques?

Coaching is not just another skill – to me it is a calling and a privilege. My clients often strive for fulfillment and search for their purpose, and I support them to find their path within themselves. I draw from a vast array of Coaching theories to inform the approach and techniques I apply, providing my clients with support that will be most effective for each of them.

My Coaching methods include:

  • ICF Accredited: Master Coach Practitioners Program (Outerbox thinking)
  • Unleashed Coaching program (Evercoach Mindvalley)
  • Becoming a transformative presence (Coaches Rising)
  • Ontological Coaching in action (Ontological Coaching Institute)
  • Fundamentals of Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (CRR Global)

I offer Transformational Professional Coaching for:

  • Resilience
  • Personal mastery
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Personal and Spiritual Growth
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Adult career guidance
  • Managing change
  • Communication

“My heart behind Coaching is to support and inspire people to be the best versions of themselves, to live up to their full potential and into their purpose.”

 Rentia Landman


What is Industrial Psychology Internship Supervision?

Industrial Psychology is the study of human behaviour in the workplace. Scientific methods and rigor are applied for issues of critical relevance including Talent Management, Coaching, Selection, Assessments, Performance Management, engagement and work-life balance. The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) requires Industrial Psychologists to complete a 12-month, full time internship program, as an entry requirement for professional registration as an Industrial Psychologist.

The primary purpose of an internship is to integrate, apply and refine student psychologists’ attitudes, competencies and skills, preparing them for independence. An effective internship program allows interns to convert their theoretical knowledge into professional practice and experience. This equips the intern with key practical knowledge and skills under the supervision of a Senior Industrial Psychologist.

What services do I offer in relation to Internship Supervision?

As a Senior Industrial Psychologist, I recognise not only the need for supervision of the next generation of professionals, but I also feel a duty towards my profession to do so. I do not offer internships in my own practice; instead, I assist interns to structure Format B internship programs within their own employment relationships.

In line with my overall philosophy, my approach is personalised and flexible, to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship for all stakeholders.

The supervision service consists of:

  • Co-creation of the internship program with the employer and the intern;
  • 40 hours individualised Mentoring and Coaching sessions;
  • Accountability for the behavioral focus of Industrial Psychology;
  • Critical reflection on ethical challenges;
  • Creating or facilitating opportunities for development and learning (outside the scope of the employer); and
  • Review and approval of quarterly reporting in line with HPCSA requirements.


What is Mentorship?

Mentorship is primarily a relationship, where an experienced person supports, guides and imparts knowledge, to another person with less experience. Mentoring involves formal and informal communication, normally exchanged through face-to-face interactions, over a set period of time.

As a seasoned HR professional, fueled by my passion to ignite greatness in others, I establish Mentorship relationships with talented HR professionals with the intention of empowering their transformation towards becoming true business partners.

Why use my Mentorship program?

HR professionals are constantly being challenged to transform and expand their role to develop business interests and growth.

With the ever-changing working environment, due to advanced technology, informed customers and intense global competition, HR has had to evolve over time to play a key role in supporting an organisation remain competitive. However, despite significant investment both financially and emotionally into developing HR professionals, this shift is not happening fast enough, and the HR profession is facing the risk of losing credibility and their seat at the executive table.

I believe that I can assist your HR talent, enabling them with skills, knowledge, capability, competence and confidence to make the transition into a valuable business partner.


What is Assessment Services & Consulting?

Assessments are tools designed to analyse employees’ personalities, motivations, values, capabilities and competencies, to derive value for the individual and business. Competency-based and Psychometric Assessments, applied accurately and ethically, are invaluable for individual and business success and can be used for current and future employees.

Why use my Assessment Services & Consulting?

As a consultant, I specialise in Assessment Services and Consulting, which focuses on developing unique, customer-focused, cost-effective solutions – which empowers employers to effectively and appropriately apply their Psychometric and related Assessments.

I am licensed to use a comprehensive set of Assessment tools, ranging from basic screening exercises for employee recruitment to advanced Psychometric profiling for executives. The tools I use are appropriate for application in the South African context and legislation.


The Accreditations I use for Psychometric and other Assessments:



What is HR Consulting Services?

HR Consulting Services provides specialist advice and services to enable businesses to maximise the efficiency of the HR function. Very often it can also be used to bring an outsider’s objective view for implementing new policies and procedures into organisations.

Why use my HR Consulting Services?

With over 19 years’ experience in the HR Industry, I provide professional HR Consulting Services and can support and equip your organisation or HR team with solutions that will maximise efficiency and impact. My consulting approach is personalised, collaborative and innovative. I draw on science and research, as a foundation from which to build a solution, in partnership with my clients, to address their exact needs, tailored to suite their unique culture and values.


I provide HR consulting services in the following areas:


1. Online Learning Solutions

  • Top international gamified online learning solutions focused on leadership development and capacity building for remote working (team members and leaders).
  • Consulting services to convert face-to-face training to online learning content.
  • Content and course design for online learning (new courses).
  • Enablement of independent implementation of online solution post design.

2. Training & Development

  • Resilience training: Synergistix Resilience Program (Accredited trainer)
  • Psychological Safety awareness, workshops and 360° evaluations
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Self-Mastery

3. Flexible / Remote workforce

Consulting in the preparation, change management and implementation of employee engagement, measurement (qualitative and/or quantitative), analysis and consulting with the aim of flourish mutually.

4. Customised surveys

Custom survey design, building and hosting of surveys, evaluation (qualitative and quantitative options available), reporting and impact analysis.

Applicable to individual surveys, team surveys and 360 evaluations.

5. Transforming Team / Organisational Culture & Character

First (and currently only) Share Tree Culture Practitioner in South Africa

Certification date: September 29, 2020 | Certificate code: 141-160-132-1345


Engagement and culture have long been recognised as being critical elements for sustained business success. Most organisations use surveys to gauge engagement levels of their staff yet true engagement still remains an elusive goal.  I believe the reason for this is that you need more than just surveys to build team culture & character! Culture is the collective Character strengths of it’s team as strategically lead by leaders. Culture requires strategic action!

By applying the ShareTree’s methodology and tools, I empower people who value people with wisdom, support and technology to create thriving organisational cultures.

As a CULTURE & CHARACTER PRACTITIONER, I draw on ShareTree’s proprietary mindset, culture & character engagement tools that will measurably increase and improve:

  • Happiness & well-being in teams & workplaces
  • Team engagement & impact
  • Team retention & talent
  • Communication & unity
  • Innovation & initiative
  • Performance & results



What makes the approach unique?  ⇒  It is build on the foundation of gratitude and character development. 

Services / Support I provide, include:

  • Appling ShareTree’s model focused on the 7 Layers & 5 Levers of Culture
  • Facilitate co-creation and cultivating of team / organisational values and culture
  • Guide organisations with data to cultivate their ideal culture
  • Assess culture & guide strategies for growth
  • Deploy the ShareTree App with individuals & teams to cultivate individual and collective character
  • Assess & guide organisation in recruitment for culture fit
  • Guide and support individuals and teams based on character strengths

Contact me to find out more about my services OR to find out how you too can become a becoming a local ShareTree Culture Practitioner.

In support of ShareTree’s purpose, I am committed to making a positive difference – evolving Character, Culture and Community so people and organisations can live with greater purpose and gratitude.

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