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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a relationship in which a trained professional supports, guides and partners with individuals or businesses in a thought-provoking process that inspires them to optimise their potential. In today’s complex and uncertain environment, coaching can help people discover the source within themselves, deepening and enriching their own lives and, by extension, society as a whole.

Why use my Coaching techniques?

Coaching is not just another skill – to me it is a calling and a privilege. My clients often strive for fulfillment and search for their purpose, and I support them to find their path within themselves. I draw from a vast array of Coaching theories to inform the approach and techniques I apply, providing my clients with support that will be most effective for each of them.

My Coaching methods include:

  • ICF Accredited: Master Coach Practitioners Program (Outerbox thinking)
  • Unleashed Coaching program (Evercoach Mindvalley)
  • Becoming a transformative presence (Coaches Rising)
  • Ontological Coaching in action (Ontological Coaching Institute)
  • Fundamentals of Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (CRR Global)

I offer Transformational Professional Coaching for:

  • Resilience
  • Personal mastery
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Personal and Spiritual Growth
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Adult career guidance
  • Managing change
  • Communication

“My heart behind Coaching is to support and inspire people to be the best versions of themselves, to live up to their full potential and into their purpose.”

Rentia Landman

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Industrial Psychology Internship Supervision

What is Industrial Psychology Internship Supervision?


Industrial Psychology is the study of human behaviour in the workplace. Scientific methods and rigor are applied for issues of critical relevance including Talent Management, Coaching, Selection, Assessments, Performance Management, engagement and work-life balance.


The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) requires Industrial Psychologists to complete a 12-month, full time internship program, as an entry requirement for professional registration as an Industrial Psychologist. The primary purpose of an internship is to integrate, apply and refine student psychologists’ attitudes, competencies and skills, preparing them for independence.


An effective internship program allows interns to convert their theoretical knowledge into professional practice and experience. This equips the intern with key practical knowledge and skills under the supervision of a Senior Industrial Psychologist.

What services do I offer in relation to Internship Supervision?


As a Senior Industrial Psychologist, I recognise not only the need for supervision of the next generation of professionals, but I also feel a duty towards my profession to do so. I do not offer internships in my own practice, instead, I assist interns to structure Format B internship programs within their own employment relationships.


In line with my overall philosophy, my approach is personalised and flexible, to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship for all stakeholders.


The supervision service consists of:

        Co-creation of the internship program with the employer and the intern;

        40 hours individualised Mentoring and Coaching sessions;

        Accountability for the behavioral focus of Industrial Psychology;

        Critical reflection on ethical challenges;

        Creating or facilitating opportunities for development and learning (outside the scope of the employer); and

        Review and approval of quarterly reporting in line with HPCSA requirements.

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What is Mentorship?


Mentorship is primarily a relationship, where an experienced person supports, guides and imparts knowledge, to another person with less experience. Mentoring involves formal and informal communication, normally exchanged through face-to-face interactions, over a set period of time.


As a seasoned HR professional, fueled by my passion to ignite greatness in others, I establish Mentorship relationships with talented HR professionals with the intention of empowering their transformation towards becoming true business partners.

Why use my Mentorship program?


HR professionals are constantly being challenged to transform and expand their role to develop business interests and growth.


With the ever-changing working environment, due to advanced technology, informed customers and intense global competition, HR has had to evolve over time to play a key role in supporting an organisation remain competitive. However, despite significant investment both financially and emotionally into developing HR professionals, this shift is not happening fast enough, and the HR profession is facing the risk of losing credibility and their seat at the executive table.


I believe that I can assist your HR talent, enabling them with skills, knowledge, capability, competence and confidence to make the transition into a valuable business partner.


“In November 2019, I felt the need to re-evaluate my career path, rediscover my authentic self, and establish whether my current role supports my core skill set and personal strengths. I engaged with Rentia to support me with career Coaching. The consultation process included an online assessment and weekly assignments to guide me through a journey of unpacking my core identity. Rentia's guidance, support and motivation led me to new levels of self-awareness, self-discovery and personal growth. I am grateful to have worked with such a passionate, talented and enthusiastic person, to unlock my potential and support me to rediscover my purpose in life."

Liesl Viljoen


“My journey with Rentia started during my first year of my studies and I was blessed to have her as my Coach, as I embarked on my journey of transformation. Rentia created a safe and calm space to hone in on areas that she skillfully identified through incisive questioning and effective listening. She has an amazing gift to tap into areas and provides a solid foundation for her client while supporting them through new areas of discovery. She is highly knowledgeable and resourceful and often shared material that was effective in shifting my mindset that resulted in significant self-awareness. Her encouragement was invaluable, and I found comfort knowing that I had someone who understood my journey. Rentia provided me with tools and lessons that enabled a shift in focus to become more accepting of myself. This resulted in a rebirth of self-love and confidence that continues to support my transformation. Since our Coaching sessions, I completed my Masters and established my role as a strong and respected leader in my workplace.”

Yumna Saban


“Rentia is an excellent listener, calm soul and shows genuine interest to assist others to overcome hidden pain and sufferings. I recommend her to anyone wanting to heal personally and psychologically.”

Adiela Safodien


“My first exposure to Rentia was when I approached her about creating a tailored IOP internship programme. We had briefly met only once before. Instantly her passion for education and making these internships more accessible was clear. She did not hesitate in facilitating the conversations that needed to occur to start negotiating the creation of the programme at my employer at the time. Although she has been very vocal about me owning my accomplishments, I truly believe that I could not have achieved half of what I did without her. Rentia exuded kindness, sensitivity, warmth, and passion in every contact that I had, and still have, with her. She is incredibly attuned to human emotion and behaviour, and would often be able to express understanding of a thought I was having, even before I had verbally articulated it. Throughout the internship, she used the perfect balance between using her Coaching, Mentoring, and Supervision skills to foster my own independence, while also giving a gentle nudge when she knew that I needed it most. She helped me immensely in coping with my self-doubt, experiences of imposter syndrome, and my lacking confidence. I always felt that she was as invested in my IOP journey as I was, and I never once got the sense that she was just fulfilling a “job”. If there is any person that embodies 'going above and beyond' for others, it is Rentia. I am so grateful for the genuine connection that she developed with me, and her tact in navigating the personal and professional spheres in doing so. I miss our supervision sessions dearly and have the fondest memories of my internship journey with Rentia.”

Catherine Campbell


“Through our Coaching and Mentoring relationship, Rentia helped me to really explore and gain a deeper understanding of my personal strengths and development areas. She has an extraordinary ability to provide a safe space where one can be completely open and honest. Through her gentle probing and way of putting things into perspective, I was truly able to grow as a person, and still apply so much of what I learnt on a daily basis. I will forever be thankful for our time spent together.”

Linza Eksteen

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