Consulting Services to Organisations

What is Consulting Services to Organisations?

Consulting Services to Organisations provides specialist advice and services to enable businesses to maximise the efficiency of the HR function. Very often it can also be used to bring an outsider’s objective view for implementing new policies and procedures into organisations.

Why use my Consulting Services?

With over 19 years’ experience in the HR Industry, I provide professional HR Consulting Services and can support and equip your organisation or HR team with solutions that will maximise efficiency and impact.

My consulting approach is personalised, collaborative and innovative. I draw on science and research, as a foundation from which to build a solution, in partnership with my clients, to address their exact needs, tailored to suite their unique culture and values.

I provide consulting services to organisations in the following areas.

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Organisational Culture & Character

First (and currently only) Share Tree Culture Practitioner in South Africa

Certification date: September 29, 2020 | Certificate code: 141-160-132-1345

Engagement and culture have long been recognised as being critical elements for sustained business success. Most organisations use surveys to gauge engagement levels of their staff yet true engagement still remains an elusive goal.  I believe the reason for this is that you need more than just surveys to build team culture & character! Culture is the collective Character strengths of it’s team as strategically lead by leaders. Culture requires strategic action!

By applying the ShareTree’s methodology and tools, I empower people who value people with wisdom, support and technology to create thriving organisational cultures.

As a CULTURE & CHARACTER PRACTITIONER, I draw on ShareTree’s proprietary mindset, culture & character engagement tools that will measurably increase and improve:

  • Happiness & wellbeing in teams & workplaces
  • Team engagement & impact
  • Team retention & talent
  • Communication & unity
  • Innovation & initiative
  • Performance & results

What makes the approach unique?

It is built on the foundation of gratitude and character development. Services / Support I provide include:

  • Applying ShareTree’s model focused on the 7 Layers & 5 Levers of Culture
  • Facilitate co-creation and cultivating of team / organisational values and culture
  • Guide organisations with data to cultivate their ideal culture
  • Assess culture & guide strategies for growth
  • Deploy the ShareTree App with individuals & teams to cultivate individual and collective character
  • Assess & guide organisation in recruitment for culture fit
  • Guide and support individuals and teams based on character strengths

Contact me to find out more about my services OR to find out how you too can become a becoming a local ShareTree Culture Practitioner.

In support of ShareTree’s purpose, I am committed to making a positive difference – evolving Character, Culture and Community so people and organisations can live with greater purpose and gratitude.

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Customised Surveys

What is it?

The value of surveys is commonly known and accepted across all industries. The application of surveys is rich and keeps expanding as the value we place on the opinions, thoughts and perspectives of others, increase. In the organisational context, it has become best practice to use surveys to gather employee feedback to measure engagement, satisfaction, change readiness and performance. 

Surveys are used with impact at both individual and organisational levels.


360 reviews provide individuals with rich information, giving them a clear starting point for the development of new skills and behaviors. Applicable to both building on current strengths and developing new skills, it encourages individuals to take accountability for their own growth. 360 surveys are also excellent for pre-and post-training / intervention evaluations to measure impact.


Organisational surveys are powerful tools to gain in depth insight into the current organisational dynamics. It provides a holistic summary  of  strengths and key issues that need to be addressed. One of the most valuable benefits of organisational surveys is that  it sends an important message about the value of every individual’s contribution and two-way communication.

What services do I offer?

With the above mentioned growth in popularity and reliance on survey’s, there is no shortage of well-designed surveys base on spesific theories and models. Despite their obvious benefits, a key limitation or concern around them, is that they are often not well aligned to the unique organisational context and culture and offer limited flexibility to add organisational spesific priorities.

I support clients in the custom design of  personalized surveys that do not only reflect their culture and their brand, but also focus on their exact needs in consideration of their unique context and priorities.

Drawing on my professional expertise, both in survey design and organisational dynamics, I bring survey design expertise for:

  • methodology,
  • organisational /  interpersonal dynamic expertise for content, and
  • survey software technology for delivery.

I also invite my clients to co-create surveys by adding their unique organisational culture, language, priorities and ultimately branding.

Assessment Services & Consulting

What is Assessment Services & Consulting?

Assessments are tools designed to analyse employees’ personalities, motivations, values, capabilities and competencies, to derive value for the individual and business. Competency-based and Psychometric Assessments, applied accurately and ethically, are invaluable for individual and business success and can be used for current and future employees.

Why use my Assessment Services & Consulting?

As a consultant, I specialise in Assessment Services and Consulting, which focuses on developing unique, customer-focused, cost-effective solutions – which empowers employers to effectively and appropriately apply their Psychometric and related Assessments.

I am licensed to use a comprehensive set of Assessment tools, ranging from basic screening exercises for employee recruitment to advanced Psychometric profiling for executives. The tools I use are appropriate for application in the South African context and legislation.

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Training & Development

The relevance and need of training and development.

The phrase “ the only constant is change “ is widely used and generally accepted as the truth. But what does it mean for us and how do we equip ourselves to enable and empower ourselves for this reality? I firmly believe that change brings opportunity for growth. Change further poses the challenge to keep growing and evolving and, in the process, meeting a number of our core human needs: i.e. achievement, autonomy, growth and discovery and ultimately purpose and meaning.

What services do I offer?

I provide training and development services (courses/ workshops) in the following areas:

  • Resilience training: Synergistic Resilience Program (Accredited trainer)
  • Psychological Safety awareness, workshops and 360° evaluations
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Self-Mastery
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Online Learning Solutions

Why use my services?

Delivering training and development solutions online is no longer a differentiator in today’s context – it is a foundational necessity. Organisations and training providers are transitioning to meet the dependence on the virtual workforce whilst navigating the residual effects of the failures of the e-learning wave, which saw most return to traditional classroom-based training.

Driven by my passion for and belief in the value of remote working and informed by my background and educational expertise around adult learning, I have established partnerships and built capacity to support organisations and training providers alike in making this transition.

What services do I offer?

  • Learning solutions in partnership with top international gamified online learning solutions, focused on leadership development and capacity building for remote working.
  • Consulting services to convert face-to-face training to online learning content.
  • Course and content design support for creation of new online learning courses.
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Flexible / Remote Workforce

Why use my services?

Having believed in the need for and value of remote / flexible working practices for most of my career, I have consistently shown up as an activist and early advocate for remote and flexible working conditions. Born out of my personal lived experience of moving teams to work remotely, developing my own leadership capability to manage remote teams and personally working remotely in a predominantly office based team, I have a deep appreciation for the complexities, challenges and benefits both to the individual, the team and the organisation as a whole.

What services do I offer?

In the current context where the pandemic has catapulted the entire globe into remote working, the challenges facing organisations right now is not on WHETHER, but HOW to make it a reality. Organisations need to decide whether it will remain an employment practice going forward and if so, how to ensure it is done sustainably without unintended negative impacts.

Technology to support remote working, which used to be the biggest challenge, is now the biggest enabler. This allows organisations to turn their focus to the aspects they previously did not consider which are: the people, practices and strategies.

I support organisations in navigating the decisions re whether to remain remote, return to an office based approach, or to adopt a blended approach. From there I work with their HR teams to re-consider and re-design their people-practices, ensuring it supports and enables their decision-making to focus on elements such as:

  • Hiring practices – how does the decision impact our attraction, selection  and onboarding practices?
  • Leadership development – what leadership skills are required to manage remote/blended teams and how to develop these?
  • Culture – how to build and cultivate team/organisational culture in a remote or blended workplace?
  • Performance management – what changes are required to the performance culture and performance management practices?
  • Learning and Development – which new skills are required and how do we need to adapt our learning and development practices to support all employees regardless of their work arrangements?
  • Employee engagement and empowerment – Does our expectation or understanding of engagement change in light of the new reality and how do we ensure that the employees working remotely are aware of and meet our expectations?
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