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I Do What I Love

Living out my passion, I don’t consider what I do ‘work’, instead each engagement is a unique opportunity to contribute to life, making the impact that is mine to make. Fueled by passion for transformation and the utilisation of technology to maximise impact, I provide solutions which enable clients to keep evolving to remain relevant.

Drawing on my extensive experience, professionally, as an Industrial Psychologist and personally, as a wife and mother, I partner with my clients to reach their full potential and optimise their performance.

What Drives Me?

I aspire to be a positive impact on the individuals and businesses I serve, by supporting my clients to not only resolve their current challenges, but also to recognise and capitalise on opportunities for growth.

My mission is ultimately to support my clients in identifying and unleashing their own potential.

How I Got Here?

I graduated Cum Laude from the University of Potchefstroom, with a BCom Industrial Psychology Degree (1998), Honours in Industrial Psychology (1999) and Masters in Commerce in Industrial Psychology (2000).

My career shifted into gear with my first internship at Liberty Life in 2001, and the next year my vision for my very own consultancy started to become a reality, as I registered with the Health Professions Council as an Industrial Psychologist.

My career has propelled me to work at several incredible organisations, including Thomas International, Discovery Health, Direct Axis and the University of Cape Town. These opportunities expanded my knowledge, skills, and experience in Human Resources, introducing me to diverse organisational cultures and industries, giving me the springboard to put my behavioural science work to practice.

In 2009, my dream to start my own consultancy, came into full fruition and with passion and courage I started Landman Consulting. Fast forward to 2017, having gained significant experience, confidence and wisdom, I took the leap of faith to leave formal employment and to dedicate my full attention to building my consultancy.

To keep my business relevant, qualified and committed to ethical practice, I hold multiple professional accreditations (See the full list in the Psychometric section) and registrations, including:

  • Health Professions Council of South Africa: Accredited Industrial Psychologist – PS0075582
  • Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA) Member
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